Website Introduction.

1. Towards Understanding the Quran is presented here online.
2. No part of the text shall be copied, in any commercial use, except for research works.
3. To Purchase Towards Understanding the Quran and many other useful Islamic Books CD & Video please visit :

Comparative Translation and Commentary.

1. Maarif ul Quran is available online at  The same content is shown here for comparative study.
2. Permission has been obtained from Idara Dawatul Quran to present Dawat ul Quran in English online.

Daily Islamic Study Syllabus

In addition to presenting the Tafheem ul Quran in English, we have undertaken the essential task of keeping the ummah informed of Islamic Knowledge in a systematic manner.
2. The items of Islamic Study are :
(a) Quran
(b) Hadith
(c) Seerah
(d) Islamic Literature
3. Everyday you shall see the display of :
* 1 Ruku Translation from the Quran (Tafheem ul Quran),
* 6 to 7 Hadith (Riyad as Salihin).
* 1 page Seerah (Raheeq ul Makhtoom)
The Ebooks for these are already available in downloads section. Inshallah the other items will be added soon.
4. Friday shall be a day of revision for readers who missed their everyday Syllabus.